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Cable Bay Cattery

A boutique cat hotel, opened in 2018, situated just 200m off SH10 in the Far North. NO dogs, just cats.
Cameras allow you to view on-line video clips of your cat's holiday from anywhere 

The purpose built insulated cattery, operated by Don and Ruth White, is a small operation designed as a safe, secure and stimulating place where your cat will be free to roam and mingle, or chill out in a quiet space if they prefer their own company

All guests have their own room for eating and sleeping

We provide everything that the playful young cats through to the sleepy older ones need to stay happy and healthy during their holiday, with sunny airy play spaces both inside and out 

We live on site and also operate cameras in the cattery which allow us 24hr monitoring
We make a portion of these camera recordings available to you daily on the Catcam internet links page
This ensures you can view them even if you are overseas in a different time zone

We will do absolutely everything in our power to ensure that your cat is happy, well-loved and fed. We are cat lovers just like you. It will be our great pleasure to provide your furry friend with all the care and attention they need in your absence so you can relax and enjoy your getaway

Flexible hours for viewing, pick up or drop off, just 'phone for an appointment